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Sekhm Energy Healing II

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Second edition, with more pages and information.

Invoking Sekhmet energy with the Sekhmet mantra (and a link to an audio file with 33 minutes of music and 79 MB of space).

More complete steps to send Sekhm energy from a distance.

Additional technique for touching the tongue to the palate of the mouth, microcosmic orbit, according to Qi Gong. Activate the meridians.

Receive Sekhm energy from the Sun.

This book is a very comprehensive guide to distant healing. It includes the most effective symbols and visualizations and numerous illustrations of healing methods. It also talks about how to work with crystals and chakras, important parts of the body, and a lot more.

It is based on concepts of quantum physics and the Kemetic (Egyptian) chakra system.

In this book, you can access all levels of initiation, and you can attune yourself and others; heal yourself and others from a distance.

In the last pages, medical and scientific studies on distance healing are mentioned. PDF.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file