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Holographic Reality -Do we live in a Simulation?

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The book deals in-depth with the Simulation Hypothesis (Universe and holographic reality), cites numerous sources of scientific studies, involving everything in continuous and philosophical writing. The result of eight years' work.
It has, of course, references to the Matrix trilogy and Hinduism, quantum physics, gnosis, as well as fun facts about the human mind and brain (studies), the eight brain circuits.
Brain-computer Interface (BCI) and Neuralink, the Matrix to come.
How the subconscious mind works, glossary of terms, future of virtual reality technologies, mind upload, digital immortality, cyber consciousness and transhumanism, the future of humanity, among more.
Difference between subjective reality, Omega reality, Alpha reality and virtual reality.
Is free will a collective illusion?
The Blue Brain Project discovered multidimensional geometric spaces in brain networks; the brain processes information up to 11 dimensions.
Arguments are based on research and credible sources such as Scientific American, Nature Science, IFL Science, Neuroscience News, Journal of Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics.
If we live in a simulation, what is the purpose of this simulation? Who created it?
Information is power. To better understand the reality we live in is vital; to transcend illusion (Māya) is to become an awakened, living god (Ishvara). PDF.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file