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Remote Seer - Ultimate guide to Remote Viewing

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A remote viewing book unlike the others.
The author has experience in the subject, five years of research and preparation of the book.
Explanation, according to quantum physics, of how telepathy works.
Psychic defense techniques against remote influence.
Remote viewing sheets for the reader to do.

The essential guide to learn Remote Viewing and to develop psychic abilities.
For readers that are new to remote viewing and wish to learn without going to a lot of fuss.
CIA Gateway Process, military protocols and official documents inside.
Develop and extend your psychic abilities. Scrying, conscious projection, visualization, psi exercises.
Different types of remote viewers, mindsets and energy access points.
Opening the bridge from your subconscious to your conscious mind.
The function of the various brain waves.
How to effectively use your whole brain. Accessing Akashic. Quantum cognition.
Your consciousness picks up information from the photons and electrons of the future moment. Simultaneous time, past, present and future exist simultaneously, and other quantum physics concepts.
Remote influencing. Glossary of terms, images, easy to read language.
Defend yourself from remote influence.
In the last few pages, you will find amazing declassified documents on psi phenomena (digitally enhanced by the author), brain function, and telepathic communication.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file